Reviewing HPI Baja 5B, a Gas Powered RC Car

Gas Powered RC cars have been among us for at least 20 years, but for some reason they aren’t quite popular because of the nowadays technology in the market and has skipped over to electric powered and nitro vehicles. Further more you can visit any kind of internet store or your own local hobby shop to find out that there will be only nitro and electric vehicles leaving the gas powered rc cars market untouched. SwellRC has written up a nice list of these gasoline rc cars. But I’m happy to say this – everything has changed quite a bit since of the release of HPI Racing Baja 5B, which is quite possibly the best in it’s niche.



HPI has put a lot into this Baja with investing a lot of man hours in the design and overall performance of the vehicle. The result that HPI achieved is a durable, relatively cheap and high performance offroad gasser which is in a large scale – 1/5.


I’ll be testing HPI Baja 5b and tell you why it’s so underrated as well as what upgrades you should get or what are the disadvantages.


The manual says there is no need of engine break in, but I chose to break it in properly. I drove it around for about 30 minutes on half to low throttle, so the piston gets adjusted to the cylinder walls. Once this was done I unleashed all the power from the fuelie 23 cc engine and it spit out beautiful stream of sand behind the big rear wheels.


This Gas Powered rc car is a rear wheel drive buggy and this makes the handling very unique. Mostly you’ll find these kind of buggies in 4×4, but not the baja 5b. You’ll have to master every corner in order to not spin out especially on wet tarmac, as the rear wheels lose grip very fast. You’ll soon notice that playing with throttle will be very important if you plan on racing with the buggy.


To end this review I’ll say this – the Baja 5b is a truly one of it’s kind that gives the best level of performance and excitement. The buggy will go anywhere, meaning it’s drivable on any surface, like tarmac, sand, grass, mud, snow and etc. The gasoline engine will surely put a smile on your face as you rip and throw sand around the race track(or anywhere you drive). If you’re looking for gasoline powered rc cars I suggest to look at the HPI Baja 5B because it’s the best racing and bashing vehicle for the money.

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