Beauty Secrets of Disney Princesses: Tips from the Lovely Ladies Behind Your Favorite Voices

Disney princesses have it made. You don’t need a dermatologist when you have an animator to ensure that your skin is always blemish-free, and no artist is going to waste time drawing flyaways on a princess’s perfect hairdo.

The ladies who provide the voices of your favorite animated Disney princesses are just as pretty as their cartoon counterparts, but they don’t rely on ink and CGI to look stunning. Here’s a look at some of their best beauty secrets:

Kristen Bell’s natural beauty tips

This star of the movie “Frozen” doesn’t use ice to keep her face looking nice — instead she relies on something that can be found in a much warmer climate. Kristen told Shape that she likes to make a really sweet body scrub by combining coconut oil, honey, and brown sugar. “You’ll smell like a cupcake after your shower!” she revealed. Coconut oil can also be used as a hair mask and body moisturizer, so it’s a product that’s definitely worth investing in.

Kristen Bell also combats aging skin by slathering on the SPF, but she’s not worried about making her face look “Frozen” in time. “I don’t subscribe to the idea that aging is a bad thing,” she said. “I’m extremely optimistic about what lies ahead of me.” Hopefully that road ahead of her includes a “Frozen” sequel.

To unwind after a workout, Kristen hops in a relaxing Epsom salt bath. Since the salts look like tiny ice crystals, her animated sister Elsa would surely approve of this beauty treatment.

Epsom salt baths don’t just soothe sore muscles — Jennifer Lawrence soaks in the salts to de-bloat before red carpet events. To really feel like a princess, try mixing yours with a luxurious essential oil like lavender or rose oil. Now just hop in the tub and belt out “Let it Go” a few times while you soak. You can also try mixing Epsom salt with coconut oil to make a moisturizing foot scrub that you can use during your bath.

Idina Menzel’s steamy beauty secret

Kristen’s “Frozen” costar might play an ice queen who isn’t bothered by the cold, but her best beauty tip is a hot one. “Along with enough sleep and taking proper supplements, I steam — in my steam shower,” she told WebMD. “I find it’s very healing, more than just your typical ‘tea and honey.’ I let the steam get into my throat and I can even warm up my voice and vocalize. And I steam my skin, which is great for getting all that stuff off of my face.” The “stuff” Idina Menzel was referring to was the green makeup that she had to wear to play Elphaba in “Wicked.”

If you can’t afford your own personal steam shower to sing in, you can still try using steam to clean your face. According to Crunchy Betty, you start by boiling three cups of distilled water in a large pan. Once the water begins to boil, move the pan to a cool burner and wait 30 seconds. After it’s cooled a bit, you can set it wherever you like as long as you place a folded towel underneath it (setting it directly on top of a counter or table might leave a burn mark). Now just drape a towel over your head and lean over the pan to trap the steam. After 5 to 10 minutes of steaming, rinse your face off.

Idina Menzel also nourishes her skin from the inside out by making her go-to snack antioxidant-rich blueberries. Try freezing your blueberries to create a healthy summer treat that Elsa would surely approve of.

Anika Noni Rose’s simple beauty secrets

This star of “The Princess and the Frog” didn’t have to get all made up to play Princess Tiana, but her skin still looked stunning in her voice recording booth. Anika told Us Weekly that her secret to looking good without makeup is to always wear moisturizer and sunblock. She slathers on Sphatika Vitamin A Night Crème before hopping into bed and applies Dermalogica products during the day.

Mandy Moore’s dirty little hair care secret

“Tangled” star Mandy Moore has a beauty secret that Princess Rapunzel would probably embrace — according to Byrdie, the former pop princess is a fan of Pantene Pro-V Original Fresh Dry Shampoo.

Rapunzel has a massive amount of hair to wash, so there’s no way that she cleans it every day. This is where dry shampoo comes in handy — you can use it to combat oily roots and hide that unpleasant odor that dirty hair can get. Mandy Moore doesn’t have a ton of hair to deal with, but she loves dry shampoo because she has fine hair and oily roots. Pantene’s ‘poo fights the oilies and gives her volume without making her hair a sticky mess. When using dry shampoo, just make sure that you shake it well and hold it about six inches away from your head while spraying. This will help you avoid that gross white residue that can be left behind.

Mandy might hate oil on her roots, but she loves slathering it on her bod. “To take care of my body, I’m an organic coconut oil girl. I put it on right after the shower,” she told Into the Gloss. “It’s good, it’s healthy, and it’s only occasionally confusing: when I cook with it and have it on my hands I’ll go to wash to wash them off but then I’m like, ‘Wait a second, I should just rub it on myself.'”

If the “Tangled” star doesn’t want to waste her coconut oil, here’s something else she can use it for: detangling her hair (it’s greasy, but it works).

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